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There was a very beautiful forest where many animals lived. Among those animals was a copycat monkey who used to try to compare himself with all the animals. There was only one monkey in this forest. Because of this, he was not happy with his life. Every day his day started by jumping in the trees but as soon as he saw an animal, he started trying to become like it. He always found some shortcomings in himself.

One day the monkey was sitting on the bank of a pond. At that time he saw a turtle going inside the pond. The monkey thought that just like the turtle walked slowly and swam in the water, he could also do the same, and then, the next moment he slowly slipped and fell inside the pond.

After falling into the pond, he started having trouble swimming. Somehow, he came out of the swamp of the pond but this incident scared the monkey from inside. The monkey started getting disappointed because he was not as talented as any other animal. All the animals in the jungle have different specialties but the monkey, unaware of his capabilities, was searching for his abilities in the outside world.

After failing everywhere, the monkey felt that he should go somewhere else so that he could reach the full potential of his life. The next day, early in the morning, without saying anything to anyone, he set out to go out of the jungle. As soon as he reached a little distance, he saw a fire burning on a mountain.

The fire was very close. The monkey thought that maybe some animal there was looking for help, so he reached the fire with the help of trees. As soon as he reached near the fire, the monkey saw a bird crying. She was pleading for help for her children but no animal dared to cross the blazing fire.

Then the monkey, hanging from the trees, reached the bird and said to her, “I had heard that birds can fly in the air, so why are your children not able to fly?” The bird said to the monkey, “My children are still small. They cannot fly and I am also not able to take them to another place.” On hearing the bird’s problem, the monkey agreed to help her. He took a strong leap and reached the same tree where the bird’s small children were present in a nest.

The monkey took both the children in his hands and brought them to the bird. Seeing her children safe, the bird became happy and thanked the monkey and said, “I had pleaded with all the animals of this forest to save my children but no one showed courage you are the owner of the best powers who did not let anything happen to my children even in such a terrible fire. The monkey became happy after hearing his praise from the bird’s mouth.

In fact, to date, no one had even talked to the monkey in the forest. The monkey had started to feel that “there is nothing special about him” but today, by proving his bravery, he had proved his usefulness in the jungle and now he realized that he did not need to become like anyone else but rather he needed to improve himself. Then he decided that he would never leave this jungle. He would always help the animals living here and this is where the story ends.


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