Best 5151+ Funny Profile Picture

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Best 5151+ Funny Profile Picture


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Funny Story For Kids


Poet Dacoit – A poet was very poor. Troubled by poverty, he decided to become a dacoit. After this he went to rob the bank. He waved the gun in the air and said


“I have said that whatever is in my fate, you will get that much,

Whatever is in my fate, you will get that much,

Hands up! No one will move from their place.


He went to the cashier and said –


“Take out some of your dreams from my eyes,

Take out some of your dreams from my eyes,

Whatever you have, put it in this bag quickly!!


After the bank robbery, when the Dacoit was leaving, he said


Forget me, what do you have to lose, forget me, what do you have to lose,

I will shoot you, beware if anyone follows me!!


Prize Money – James did not know how to swim. He tried a lot but he could not swim well. Then one day he swore that he would not step into the water until he learned to swim well.

It was the month of July and all the rivers were full of water. James’ friend Henry said to him – Come on James, today I will teach you swimming. On this James said that I have sworn that I will not step into the water until I learn to swim well.

Then Henry said, hey brother, what is this, how will you learn to swim without stepping into the water? Now give up your stubbornness and come to learn to swim in the water.

James and Henry reached the river and said – look at that board – it was written on the board that whoever saves a drowning person will get $500. By order of USA Government.

Now you go into the water and shout, save me, save me, after that I will take you out of the water and whatever reward we get, we will share it among ourselves.

James liked this idea very much and he went into the water as soon as he went knee-deep in water, he started shouting, “Save me, I am drowning.”

On this, Henry said – Shut up brother. Does anyone drown in knee-deep water? Go further inside. Do you want a reward or not?

Somehow James moved forward with fear and went neck deep in water and started shouting, “Save me, save me.”

Henry said – Why are you afraid further? Don’t you trust me?

In this way, on Henry’s repeated speaking, James went deep into the water and started drowning.

James started shouting, “I am drowning. Save me.”

But Henry did not say anything and was standing on the shore and smiling. Now James started panting.

He was shouting – ​​“Hey fool! Why are you laughing, save me….. Don’t you want 500$?”

Henry pointed towards the board with his finger – on the other side of the board it was written – The person who will take out the floating dead body will get a reward of 1000$. By order of – USA Government.


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