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Best 40+ Good Evening Images


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there was a boy. He was quite poor. He neither had anything to eat nor a house to live in. He used to stay at his friend’s house. He started doing painting work in a small company. Gradually he also got a lot of money. Later he also became quite rich. But there was still a feeling of something missing inside him.

His parents left this world when he was young. He had never known love. One day when he had gone out for some work, he saw a girl who was very nice and beautiful.

This wood fell in love with that boy as soon as it saw him. She kept looking at that boy for a long time. After some time the girl left from there. The boy kept searching for the girl for a few days but could not find her. But destiny brought this girl together with that girl. The girl had come to this boy’s house in search of work.

The boy immediately hired the girl for household work. When that girl came to meet this boy, at that time this boy was not able to speak even a few words clearly. Due to which the girl felt that this boy is dumb.

The boy also knew that this girl considered us dumb. Along with this, the girl also understood that the boy here is the servant of this house and not the owner. Now whenever this boy goes near that girl, he becomes dumb. Gradually the girl started feeling pity on this boy. Now she started falling in love with this boy’s helplessness.

But then that girl used to step back out of fear of one thing. This girl’s parents also died in her childhood, this girl was brought up by her uncle and he wanted this girl to pay for his food and drinks as long as he was alive.

The girl’s love started going beyond limits. Even if the boy coughed, the girl would run to him. Now the boy also understood that this girl has fallen in love with him. The boy also loved that girl very much. He first found out everything about the girl.

When he came to know everything, he started crying a lot because he had lied about being dumb. Now he started crying day and night. The girl used to ask for the boy’s treatment from her salary. One morning the girl came to know that the boy was admitted in the hospital.

When she reached the hospital running, she saw that the boy was lying unconscious on the bed. There were many machines installed around it. When the girl reached the doctor, the doctor told her that the boy could no longer speak, he had tried to cut his tongue and also gave a letter to the girl.

It was written in that letter, I am a very rich boy, I am the owner of the house in which you work. But at the same time I have told you a big lie that I am dumb.

Now I am going to do something like this to atone for this lie. Along with this, you take the money from my house from my manager and give it to your uncle and start a new life. If possible, please forgive me, it’s your fault.

After reading this letter the girl’s eyes were filled with tears. She ran to the temple and swore before God that she would not eat anything until the boy started speaking. Even if he dies.

Here the doctor was also treating that boy. God accepted the wishes of both of them and now the boy started speaking. But he lost his memory. Now he did not remember anything. Now after this the girl did a lot of things for his memory but he could not regain his memory. If the foundation of love is laid on lies, it will surely fall.


Crazy With Love


This love story is about a girl. The girl used to go to her grounds for a walk every evening. One day he saw a boy in that field. That boy was giving balloons to small children in that field. Seeing this the girl could not stop herself. She immediately reached the boy and asked him, why are you giving balloons to these children?

On this the boy said, I like children very much. I give something to these children every day. If I don’t have anything, I let them listen to stories. The girl liked this very much. That girl also loved children very much. Now he used to bring some gifts for both the children every day. And used to tell stories to children.

One day the girl said to the boy, I no longer have any stories for the children to listen to. No matter how much I heard or read the story. I have told it to the children. On this the child said, you go to for the story, there you will get to read many stories.

Now similar things started happening to him. One day the boy realized that he had fallen in love. But the girl did not know yet. With time both of them started coming very close. Love is blind. Now they could not live without each other even for a moment.

After this both of them understood that they had fallen in love. Now he told this to his family members. The family members also agreed to this. Just did it now. After falling in love with each other, they got married.


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