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Story Of The Kind King


Once upon a time, a city named Keshavpur was ruled by King Krishna Dev. The king was very religious and kind. He used to serve every sage and saint who came to the kingdom wholeheartedly. His order was that if any saint comes to the kingdom, he should be informed about it first. According to the king’s orders, whenever any saint or group of saints came to the kingdom, the king would be the first to be informed.

Along with the king, the townspeople also served the sages well, due to which the people of Keshavpur were happy and prosperous with the blessings of the sages. There was peace in the entire state and people supported each other in every happiness and sorrow. During farming days, everyone used to do agricultural work together. Because of such brotherhood, Keshavpur was progressing day by day.

Surajpur was near Keshavpur. A king named Kansa Dev ruled in that neighboring kingdom. He used to harass his subjects a lot and harass them by imposing new taxes. The king spent all his time among the dancers and was under the influence of alcohol. Seeing this condition of the king, his soldiers also used to oppress the people.

Farming was also not being done properly in Surajpur, due to which the people there were suffering from starvation. Even sufficient fodder was not available to feed the animals. Still the king did not reduce tax collection. The people suffering from the atrocities of the king started thinking of taking shelter in Keshavpur. With this thought in mind, thousands of residents of Surajpur were standing on the border of Keshavpur.

The soldiers informed King Krishna Dev about the people of Surajpur standing near the border. As soon as the king received the information, he immediately reached the border and was saddened to see the condition of the people of Surajpur.

King Krishna Dev welcomed the people of Surajpur respectfully and allowed them to live in his kingdom. Besides, food was also arranged for them and fodder for their animals. Krishna Dev himself served food to the people suffering from hunger. Before and after the meal, people started cheering loudly for the Maharaja.

In response the king said that you people do not need to cheer me. Whatever I have, belongs to God, so whatever I have given, God deserves all the praise. In such a situation, all of you should praise God instead of me, because He is the sustainer of all of us.

After a few days, the remaining people of Surajpur also started migrating towards Keshavpur and gradually most of the people of Surajpur settled in Keshavpur. Within no time the entire kingdom became vacant and King Kansa Dev and only a few of his soldiers started living in the city. Due to starvation, animals and birds started dying and their dead bodies started rotting in the city itself. Due to this the disease spread throughout Surajpur.

The people left in the state suffered from hunger and disease and most of them started dying. One day, King Kansa Dev’s daughter got cholera, due to which she died within a few days. The king became helpless and he started thinking again and again that he had done a lot of atrocities on the people. Thinking this, King Kansh Dev started begging for forgiveness from God.

After spending a few days, a group of sadhus reached the kingdom of King Krishna Dev, about which the soldiers immediately informed the king. He told the king that there were two female saints and a young man in this group, out of which one young man looked like a prince and the other girl looked like a princess.

As soon as the king heard this, he left everything and immediately reached the border and brought them all to the palace with respect. The king served them all well. After a few days, the sages expressed their desire to the king to visit their city and meet the people there. After listening to the sages, the king also set out with them towards the city barefoot. The sages saw that every citizen of Keshavpur was happy and wherever they passed, people started cheering for the king.

All the subjects honored the king and the sages with flower garlands. Seeing so much respect for the king by the public, a sage said, ‘O king! You are blessed. You are more than what we heard about you. I am not a saint, but the king of your neighboring kingdom Surajpur. I have tortured my people a lot, due to which they have settled in your kingdom. Due to my atrocities, starvation and disease increased in the entire state, of which one of my daughters also became a victim. Now I have started worshiping God to wash away my sins.

He further said that he has not asked his wife, daughter and son to follow the path on which he is walking. But they say that they are equal partners in my sins, which is why they too are living a life of renunciation. Now we were about to leave everything and leave for the pilgrimage, but before going on the pilgrimage, we wanted to see the condition of our people. Now I am satisfied to see my people happy. I will be grateful to you that you did not discriminate between the people of my state and the people of your state. Now we can live our lives peacefully in the devotion of God.

Hearing the words of Kansa Dev, the king hugged him and said that you are blessed to have such a good family. Your family is with you in happiness as well as in sorrow. I am sorry that your people left you alone in bad times. After listening to King Krishna Dev, Kansa Dev says that he has no complaints of any kind against his subjects. Then King Krishna Dev said to Kansa Dev that you make your son my son-in-law and your daughter my daughter-in-law.

Hearing the words of King Krishna Dev, Kansa Dev had tears in his eyes and did not utter a single word from his mouth. Somehow Kansa Dev said that King Krishna Dev, you are blessed. I accept your proposal. You have taken away my worries.

Then the king married both of them with great pomp and after a few days, Kansa Dev and his wife left for pilgrimage. After a few days, King Krishna Dev declared his son-in-law the king of Surajpur and gradually the people of Surajpur returned back to the kingdom. Then the people of both the states started living happily and peacefully.

Learning From The Story – One should always behave well with others. Instead of being proud of being rich, one should have a feeling of helping others. Otherwise pride in money makes a person sink.


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