Best 15+ Funny Happy Birthday Images

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Best 15+ Funny Happy Birthday Images


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Funny Happy Birthday Images For Her

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Funny Happy Birthday Images For Women

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Funny Happy Birthday Images

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Lion Overtaking Comic Story


In a forest there lived a jackal and his wife. The jackal was feeling very upset, only a few moments were left when their children were about to come into the outside world. Both the husband and wife were roaming here and there in search of a place to deliver their children. Meanwhile, they saw a cave, both of them understood that it was definitely the cave of Jungle Raj Singh who was currently out in search of his prey.

Both of them had got a place to deliver their children but at the same time there was also the fear of what would happen if a lion came? To get rid of this problem, the jackal remembered a mantra. He told the mantra in the ear of his wife the jackal and said that as soon as the lion comes, I will give you a signal and then you start chanting the mantra.

(Actually this mantra was his clever plan in which he changed his name and planned to scare the lion)

The jackal, who had understood this mantra, said it was okay. The jackal went and sat on the roof of the cave so that a signal could be sent from there about the arrival of the lion. After some time, the jackal gradually gave birth to four children. When the sound of children crying reached the jackal’s ears, he became very happy. Now both of them had become parents. But meanwhile the jackal saw Jungle Raj Singh coming towards his cave. The jackal immediately informed his wife about the arrival of the lion and asked her to start the chant.

(Now let’s see what his mantra was)

As soon as the jackal heard this, he started making his children cry. The lion, who had reached near his cave, hid in the bushes as soon as he heard the voice of the children and started trying to see which refugees had entered his cave today. There the mantra (planning) of both of them had started.

The jackal called out from the roof of the cave and said – Hey Chandabadni! Why are children crying today?

The jackal called from below and said – Overcome the lion! Today he is asking for lion’s heart for food.

As soon as the lion heard this, he turned white and started wondering what kind of trouble has come to the forest that wants lion’s heart to eat and its name is also Singh Pachhad. The terror of the name ‘Singh Pachhad’ settled in his mind. Then from above the jackal says, okay, let a lion see you, today I will feed you only lion’s heart. On hearing this, the king of the jungle, the lion, ran away from there as if someone would really take out his heart today. While running, the lion met a fox on the way.

Fox – Hey Jungle Raj! Where are you running away so scared?

Lion: Why is there a jungle rule? Today I narrowly escaped, otherwise my heart would have been eaten, who knows what evil has entered the forest.

Fox – Tell me exactly what happened.

As soon as the lion narrated the entire incident to him, the fox started laughing loudly.

The lion is angry – My life is in danger and you are laughing.

Fox – Hey Jungle Raj! You are as dangerous as you are foolish. No evil has come to your cave, but it is the animals of the forest, jackals and jackals, who have given birth to children in your cave and have created this whole game out of fear of your coming. I was sitting there watching his game for a long time.

Singh still could not believe his words. He was frightened after hearing their words. So the fox said, okay, you come with me, you will find out yourself. The lion immediately refused to go and said that if they really turned out to be something dangerous then where would I hide with my huge body? You will enter anywhere. After a lot of difficulty, the lion agreed to go but he tied the fox by his tail and said that if I die, you will be saved and told where to go. Then both of them went towards the lion’s cave.

Now the jackal again saw that the lion was coming again and now a fox was also with him. He again signaled his wife to start the mantra. The jackal again did something and made the children cry.

Jackal – Hey Chandabadni! Why don’t you silence the children?

Jackal – Hey lion! They are saying why the lion’s heart has not arrived yet?

The lion who was sitting in the bushes with the fox was listening, then the lion started getting scared of the name of Pachhad and said, look fox, I told you, there is definitely some bad luck. Today he will agree only after eating my heart. The fox said, this is their cleverness, let’s go to them quickly. The frightened lion extended his sword to approach them. The jackal said to his wife, tell the children to wait for a while, I have sent a fox. She must be bringing some lion to us.

Brother, on hearing this, the lion who had run away from there, also dragged the fox tied to his tail. When the lion stopped and wanted to vent his anger on the fox! When we saw she was dead.


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