Best 25+ Happy Birthday Images

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If You Want To Plan A Birthday Party In A Low Budget, Then These Tips Will Be Useful


We all celebrate birthday once a year. We party not only on our own birthdays but also on those of our close ones. If you are also planning a birthday party for your husband, father, children or anyone else, then some tips can help you.

In fact, nowadays inflation is increasing very much. In such a situation, we all want to minimize our expenses. Let us know in this article how you can plan your birthday with minimum expenditure.

Have A Party At Home Or On The Terrace Instead Of A Hotel – On booking a hotel or a hall, a huge amount has to be paid at once. In such a situation, it would be better if you decorate the house or terrace yourself and hold the party. If you are organizing a party for a small child, use things like balloons, cars, barbies. On the other hand, if the party is of someone’s birthday, then you should use lighting and candles.

Keep These Things In Mind While Buying Cake – You can make cake at home but not everyone knows how to make cake. Such people should keep a few things in mind while buying a cake. Like which flavor is it, which bakery is giving discount, whether it is available cheaper online or offline and whether there is any coupon or not etc.

Keep A Special Theme – You can keep a theme to make the birthday party a little special. Nowadays theme birthday parties are also quite in trend. For this you just have to choose the theme and decorate accordingly.

Order Gifts Online – During the birthday party, we all give gifts to the person on whose birthday it is. For buying gifts, offline shopping platforms are best instead of offline. From here you can also order return gifts at minimal cost.


If You Want To Celebrate Your Birthday At Home Then Follow These Tips


Birthday is a very special day for everyone. Most people enjoy their birthday with friends. Some people like to celebrate their birthday at home with family. In such a situation, if you also do not want to go out on your birthday and want to stay at home and enjoy with friends and family, then you can make this day memorable in some special ways.

Actually, some people like to celebrate their birthday at home rather than outside. With this, you can not only have a lot of fun with your family and friends, but can also make this day memorable forever. Let us tell you some special tips to celebrate birthday at home, by trying which you can make your birthday the best.

Make A Photo Booth – Don’t forget to take selfies and photos to make the birthday party memorable. For this, you can prepare a wonderful photo booth in any corner of the house. For this you can also take many innovative ideas from the internet or children.

Karaoke Night Party – Karaoke set can add charm to your party. You can turn your birthday party into a great karaoke night. During this time, apart from singing your favorite song, you can also dance with friends. For this you can arrange karaoke on rent.

Make A Home Theater – To make the birthday celebration special, you can also try a movie marathon party. For this, you can prepare a home theater at home and watch a good movie. Apart from this, include pajamas in the dress code for friends and close ones. Don’t forget to keep popcorn and snacks to enjoy the movie to the fullest.

Keep Champagne In The Party – A party often seems incomplete without champagne. Therefore, include champagne in your birthday party. For this, you can arrange champagne with tasty dishes on the terrace or lawn of your house and then enjoy the champagne party by dancing and singing with friends.


Everyone Should Do These Things On Their Birthday


Birthday is very special for every person. People organize many types of events on birthdays. Some people celebrate this day with their friends. So some spend their days at home with family members. On the day of birthday, some people also go to the temple and take blessings of God. This keeps God’s blessings intact. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about some things which every person should do on his birthday. By following these measures a person gets auspicious results. Let us know about them-

  • On the day of birthday, one should wake up early in the morning, take bath etc. and have darshan of Sun God and offer Arghya. After this, meditate and worship your favorite deity. Along with this, one should chant the mantra of the ruling planet as per one’s zodiac sign. With this, the blessings of the Gods remain upon you.
  • On this day, blessings of parents and elders should be taken. Even Gods are pleased with those who respect their elders.
  • Food should be provided to the needy on birthdays. Along with this, they should donate food and other necessary things as per their capacity.
  • One must serve animals on one’s birthday. Feed fodder to the cow. Make balls of flour and put them in the river or pond for the fishes.


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