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Best 20+ Merry Christmas GIF


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Why Is Christmas Celebrated Only On 25th December?


People around the world celebrate Christmas as the birthday of Jesus Christ, the son of God. However, was Jesus really born on December 25? According to a report by the Washington Post, the Bible does not provide any specific instructions about whether Jesus Christ was born on December 25, but is silent about what day or season. Mother Mary claimed to have given birth to him in Bethlehem. Let us know how then the custom of celebrating Christmas on 25 December started and how it was linked to the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Anthropologist James George Frazer addressed the origins of Christmas being celebrated on December 25 in his book The Golden Bough. However, there are many arguments that refute Fraser’s theory. Many theories discuss the day Jesus Christ was born, similar to the Christmas holiday. The time between 6 to 4 BC is considered to be the time of birth of Jesus Christ.


What Is The History Of Christmas?


The most common story related to celebrating Christmas is considered to be the one when Jesus’ mother Mary was told that she would give birth to a special child from the Lord. Mother Mary reportedly received this prophecy on March 25 and Jesus was born nine months later on December 25. This may be an explanation why December 25 is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus. Following this prophecy, Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem. However, there is no confirmation that he was born on December 25 because the Gregorian calendar, which is the basis of modern Christmas celebrations, did not exist at that time.

The festival of Christmas is celebrated as a religious and cultural festival. The word Christmas comes from “Christ Mass”. It was first celebrated in 336 during the reign of the Roman Emperor Constantine, the first Christian Roman emperor. After a few years, Pope Julius officially announced to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ on 25 December.


Why Is Christmas Celebrated?


Christmas is a holy day for people who believe in Christianity. On this day people remember Jesus Christ and his sacrifices. Christians remember how Jesus was crucified and how he rose again during the Mass. Many people think that today represents the reality of spiritual life. They argue that before the birth of Jesus, there was a lot of hatred, greed and hypocrisy in the world, but the birth of Jesus destroyed all these evils and brought world peace.

After the birth of Jesus, there was a change in the world in which Christians rejoiced. They consider it important to remember the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus on the cross because he came to save the entire humanity from their suffering.


These Traditions Are Related To Christmas


The festival of Christmas is associated with many traditions. On this festival, people decorate the Christmas tree, make cookies and cakes, and participate in the holiday parade. Red, golden and green colors are used on Christmas. The festival is shown with these colours. Red color represents the color of Jesus Christ, golden color represents the gift of one of the three kings and green color represents eternal life. In celebration, people also sing carols and celebrate this festival by giving gifts to each other.


Merry Christmas Wishes


❝ May Santa bring you gifts, may there be only love in your life, may everyone caress you, may your Christmas be full of joy. ❞


❝ This Christmas, may you get lots of gifts, happy company and love of your loved ones, may your coming year be very good, may you have a very happy Christmas. ❞


❝ Your arrival has brought sweetness into my life. Thank you for being a part of my life. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. ❞


❝ Thanks for making my life better. May every day be good with you. Before the beautiful day, wish you a Merry Christmas. ❞


❝ May God give you everything you have dreamed of. May you always keep smiling. Merry Christmas to you. ❞


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