Best 666+ Funny Love Quotes

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Best 666+ Funny Love Quotes


Funny Love Quotes


If you want to sleep peacefully then stay awake and run away before your relatives come home.


Make such a girlfriend who understands our heart just like a medical store owner understands a doctor’s writings.


One who dreams of love, understands that his time is bad, whether the beloved comes or not, but counting the stars comes.


Now who is spreading this rumor that Hashimm Amla’s father’s name is Dabar Amla and his mother’s name is Shanti Amla?


Pappu: I can’t sleep at night, and I don’t get peace during the day, is this love? Tappu: No brother, it is too hot, everyone’s condition is here.


When I looked through the window, there was no one on the road. When I looked through the window, there was no one on the road. Wow. Then when I looked at the road, there was no one on the road.


Why does popcorn bounce on the pan? Speak up? Say something? Answer: Sit on the pan and see, you will know.


Sonu: What would you think if you found a Rs 2000 note in your pocket? Monu: I am not wearing my father’s pants.


What is fear? Ask the boy who left the phone at home without locking it.


A mosquito flew for the first time… On coming back his father asked: How did you feel flying? Mosquito: It felt great, wherever I went, people were clapping…


Those boys who give an envelope of Rs 51 at a wedding and eat a meal worth Rs 500, grow up to become successful businessmen.


The whole of India is against corruption, so who does corruption?


We have eaten so much on credit, sir… that even the shopkeepers pray for our lives…


Just when it seems that everything in life is going ‘well’, the earphones stop playing ‘from one side’.


Some boys can go to the graves of girls and write…Nice grave dear.


Stop my funeral procession, I am feeling like coming to life, take a right from the front, a cigarette shop is coming.


One should not remember God more than necessary, because if God remembers you someday, you will have to give and take.


Teacher- Why are you 30 minutes late to class? Student- Sir, I am not late for your class, I have come early today for the next class.


When you wear a red bindi on a white saree, I swear you see an ambulance, it takes the injured, and you take the injured.


When someone becomes so special that thinking about him becomes a feeling, then ask yourself to keep him for his whole life before his mother becomes someone else’s mother-in-law.


“Mandi ki Inteha” A board put up outside a restaurant – Please ‘come inside’… otherwise you and I both will remain hungry.


Respect mother and sister, don’t respect mother and sister


There is no dearth of people giving opinions in our country. What is your opinion on this?


I am not disappointed in life, I still have a lot of work to do. Even today my eyes search for that bastard who said that getting a government job is very easy.


On one hand, our friends’ hands are turning yellow and on the other hand, our hands are turning blue after giving exams.


I will turn the whole world upside down, O God…just give me the strength to come out of the quilt.


I thought there were only seven colors, then one day I went with her to buy nail polish


Everyone should love at least once so that he can know why one should not love.


A successful man can earn more than his wife’s expenses and a successful woman can find such a person.


Where are those Tantrikas who used to drive away ghosts? Now if they can drive away the Coronavirus then agree.


Life has become worse than detergent, people use it but don’t believe in it.


Look at her foolishness, friends… this crazy girl is burning me by putting my status on her WhatsApp.


Today I met my old girlfriend in the market… I was about to say “Hello” to her, but her husband said, “Come”.


Staying on WhatsApp despite your housemate staring at you is no less than bravery.


Don’t worry, Coronavirus will not last long because it is Made in China.


One must fall in love once in life. If you are truthful, life becomes better and if you are false, you get experience.


My love for you is something different, you live not only in my thoughts but also in my prayers.


I wish you get entangled in your memories like this, here I think about you and there you understand.


It is not a big deal to leave someone after loving them, even if you want to leave someone then you will know what is called love.


I have to meet you before losing you, I have to talk to you before getting angry with you, and I have to live with you before dying.


The intoxication of love is also strange sir, there is no news whether you are conscious or unconscious.


Sometimes anger is more special than a smile because a smile is for everyone, but anger is only for the one whom we never want to lose.


What is love in life? Ask that person who has waited even after heartbreak.


It seems so incomplete when there is a moon and no stars, just like when there is life and you are not in it.


Fate may not be good but you are a dream, you are my incomplete feeling, you are the dream that fulfills all my unfulfilled dreams.


I don’t know when love happened or how it happened, I just know that it happened with you, is with you, and will remain with you only.


True love is from one side only, what is from both sides is called luck.


Where we get respect and care, love is amazing there.


There is no reason to fall in love, there is no reason to fall in love, once you fall in love, then you do not fall in love with everyone.


Winds affect the mood, love is affected by expressions, no one falls in love with someone just like that, and eyes are also to blame for something.


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