Best 20+ Anime Couple

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Best 20+ Anime Couple


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This story is about childhood love. It has been written about the desire of a girl’s soul. Do read this small but beautiful love story and there are more love stories in this post, which can touch your heart and make you feel true love.

This story happened when we had shifted to a new society and I was returning home in the afternoon after giving the last test paper of my final exam. That society was completely new to me. I didn’t know anyone there.

We had shifted just two days ago. While walking, some girl called me from behind. Hiii Krishna how are you. When I looked back, there was a beautiful girl standing there. I asked him who are you? And how do you know my name? She said, I heard your mother and you talking, then I came to know your name.

She came up to me and shook hands. He told her name was Meera. I liked her voice then we talked. Went till the main gate of the society. She said that I live in D wing building number 18. Flat number 203. All my friends have gone to the village for summer holidays. Can I come play with you?

I said, why can’t you come? By the way, I am also new here and the survivors of my building have also gone to the village. On top of that, I don’t even know anyone here. You come at 5 o’clock, we will play tennis in the garden. Hearing this she went home happy. Then I started waiting for 5 o’clock. I reached the garden at 4:30 with a tennis racket. But Meera had come there before me and was sitting on the bench.

I went and sat near her, and asked how long have you been sitting here. She said I just came. You also came very early. Let’s play tennis. Then we played tennis jokingly. She used to play tennis quite well. Later we sat and chatted for a while. I asked Meera, what do you like? He told that he likes Tennessee very much. Likes to listen to old songs. And my favorite food is rice kheer. I lick the entire pot and leave.

Similarly, we started meeting each other in the garden. Sometimes I used to get rice kheer made by my mother for Meera and take it back. She ate with great pleasure and used to praise my mother. Now Meera started liking me very much. Because I had fallen in love with her. But one day suddenly Meera did not come. That evening I waited alone for her in the garden till 8 o’clock. And returned home sad. After reaching home I kept thinking about Meera. Why didn’t she come to meet me today? A strange incident happened to me that night.

Meera came in my dream and said, I enjoyed spending time with you Krishna, now it is time for me to leave. Give me freedom Krishna. Give me freedom… I woke up scared at 3:30 in the morning. At that time I was bathed in sweat. I felt that I had started thinking about him too much. Then I waited for him the next day also. But she did not come. From then on Meera started coming in my dreams every night. And again and again the same words Mukti do Krishna, Mukti do Krishna.

Then I thought whether he should come today or not. I will go to meet him at his house. I told my mother to make kheer for Meera. And before it got dark, he reached the given address and rang the doorbell. An elderly man opened the door. He asked whom do you want to meet, son? I told Meera’s name. He invited me inside. I went and sat on his sofa and gave the box of kheer in the hands of the old man and said this is for Meera. He said that I have to meet him.

And also asked why Meera did not come to the park for two days. That old man sat calmly in front of me on the sofa and said, 14th April i.e. on this very day, a year ago, Meera had died. She was my adopted daughter. He had HIV AIDS since birth, that is why any child’s parents. They did not allow their children to have any contact with him.

She used to sit alone at home. He always felt that someone should come to play with him too. But this was never possible and ultimately he died last year. My eyes filled with tears after listening to Meera’s story. Then I told that old man all the facts till now and also told me about the dreams to come. He said perhaps today you have fulfilled his last wish. And you have come here as his friend to liberate him.

After some time, Pandit ji came there and a puja was done for the peace of his soul. His grandfather got that puja done by my hands so that his soul could get salvation, finally I said good bye to him and returned home.


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