Best 555+ Friday Motivational Quotes

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Best 555+ Friday Motivational Quotes


Friday Motivational Quotes


To overcome discord,
There is no greater weapon than silence.


if you are right
So don’t try to prove anything right
just stay right
Time will give the testimony itself.


people have wasted their lives
Finding faults in the existence of others..
If only I had honed myself this much
Become angels.


The people of the world are very cruel.
They will cry and ask about your sorrow and pain.
And we will tell it to the whole world with great laughter.


It is clearly written in Geeta
don’t be disappointed
It is your time that is weak, not you.


New leaves do not grow on trees without autumn
just like trouble and difficulty
Without suffering, good days do not come for a person.


to begin with
No need to be great..
but to be great
There is a need for a beginning.


If there is no difficulty and no pain, then what is the fun in living?
Big storms stop when there is fire in the chest.


patience is bitter but
Its fruit is sweet.


Don’t trust strangers,
Because you have to walk,
On my own feet.


it is the person who stumbles
Who does not pick up the stone from the road.


the person who owns up to his mistakes
fights with oneself,
No one can defeat him.


fear nowhere else
It just happens in your mind.


Whatever you want to achieve in life,
get it on time,
Because life has less opportunities
And deceives more.


Man does not fail then
when he loses
failure occurs when
When he thinks that
Now he can’t win.


The fun of winning comes only when,
Everyone is waiting for you to lose.


Struggle makes a person stronger!
no matter how much
Why not be weak?


Difficult times are the world’s greatest magician,
Which in a moment from the faces of your loved ones,
Removes the mask.


Those who want to achieve their goals,
They also build stone bridges across the oceans.


want to do something different,
So move away from the crowd,
The crowd gives courage,
But identity is snatched away.


don’t take time to decide
You have to do,
otherwise time will decide
What do you have to do?


The real flight of this eagle is yet to come
This bird’s test is yet to come
I have just crossed the oceans
There is still the whole sky left.


Even storms are defeated there,
Where boats are stubborn.


biggest disease
What will people say?


always to move forward
Choose the paths you make.


People are not you,
I agree with your situation.


a little bit of wrong password
Even the mobile lock doesn’t open.
by living life wrongly
How will the doors of heaven open?


Will you read me in a single day?
I have spent many years writing myself.


Arise, Awake, Rise and Don’t Stop
Until the goal is achieved.


Just keep this style of living..
the one who doesn’t understand you


Those who wait only get so much.
The more people try, the more they give up.


bicycle and life
Only then can it work better,
When there is peace.


work hard so quietly
That success makes noise.


It’s fun to be strong then,
When the whole world weakens
Bent on giving.


you can’t lose until
Until you stop trying.


People who die from within,
often the same people
Teaches others how to live.


There is no harm in flying, you also fly
But only from where the ground is clearly visible.


Where are those who set fire to notice?
If the winds changed direction
They too will be ashes.


If you can’t find your destination, change your path.
Because trees change their leaves but not their roots.


Neither did I fall nor did the tower of my hopes fall,
But some people fell many times to make me fall.


Never let yourself fall apart in any situation,
People carry bricks to the fallen house.


to make life successful
One has to fight the nights, not the words.


fate changes
When intentions are strong,
otherwise life passes
To blame fate.


Never be proud of time and luck,
they also have mornings
Whom no one remembers.


My mother taught me the same thing.
Don’t lose..!
Defeat defeat.


The man who listens to his own criticism,
he on the whole world
Achieves victory.


those who have the courage to walk alone
One day there are convoys behind them.


sit with me
Time also cried one day..
Said man, are you okay?
I am the one who is doing poorly.


forever remember..
for better days
One has to fight bad days.


Savor life sir,
Not to be trusted by anyone.


Why blame fate and others.
when dreams are ours
Efforts should also be ours.


Strength can be estimated,
No one has courage, sir.


I have to fight alone
Fight of life..
Because people just console
with not.


People are grumbling behind your back,
Looks like we’re going the right way.


don’t change paths
Make paths.


Life also tries him,
Who knows how to navigate every turn.


anxiety and stress
There is only one way to get rid of it
Close your eyes and say it in the morning and evening.
“The world has gone to hell.”


Don’t waste your words for everyone,
Who understands you just by remaining silent?


If you want to become something then become the ocean
people should sweat
Measuring your status.


is the principle of the world
As long as there is work, there is your name.
Otherwise salute from a distance.


One day even time will hug me and cry,
Will say, you were right man
I was the one who was doing poorly.


I don’t know what I am,
Because, people have taken my contract.


bitter truth
you look down
no one will come to pick up
you just fly and see
Everyone will come to demolish.


The day you laugh
You will become the master yourself.
After that day you will get no one
Can’t make you cry.


I will definitely sit in the gathering
But I will not drink,
Because it will erase my sorrow.
Can’t stand that much alcohol.


Don’t be a janitor of the past
Pay the debt of this moment.


Thousands of dreams are broken,
Then somewhere a morning comes.


Trust is as precious as it is,
Cheating becomes that much more expensive.


what we are
Only we know that..
people only guess about us
Can apply.


The joker of cards and the stumble of loved ones,
Often the tables are turned.


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