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Love Story


Ever since Lucas left my life, I have started hating even the faces of boys. I loved him a lot, and when he ran away one day without any reason, I felt that there was no such thing as love in this world. Now I have become a person without a heart. I don’t feel anything, because now I feel that what bigger thing can happen in my life than this. That is why today on my father and mother’s insistence, I agreed to marry a boy.

My father said that I should meet that boy once, but I refused because I could not recognize him even after living with him for so many years, so how would I recognize a prophet after a small meeting? But the boy also wants to meet me. I agreed to meet him. To be honest, nothing matters to me now.

Our meeting was fixed for dinner. Father and mother want me to go alone to meet him. I am like a dead person, nothing matters to me now. I wore whatever came in my hand and reached there. I saw that he was sitting there waiting for me. As soon as he saw me, he came to me and asked my name. I went and sat in front of him. There was a sparkle in his eyes but I know this sparkle. Every boy shows this in the first meeting.

Lucas left me but he has taught me a big lesson in life. Seeing my sad face, that boy asks me what happened, is everything alright. I also replied to him that I was a little unwell. Then he said, then why did you come to meet me today, we could have dinner some other time. He was saying good things, but now I know very well how quickly good things change in boys. I told him, no I am fine, it doesn’t matter, I ordered food of my choice.

Then suddenly he got a call from someone and when he talked on the phone, I decided that now I would not marry him. On the phone, he told his name to the other person and this was the same name which I never wanted to hear again. His name was also Lucas. I was also surprised, I was so lost, that I did not ask his name till now. Neither mom nor Dad, I stood up suddenly and told him that I was leaving, my health was very bad.

He got scared, and he told me that I would drop you from the car, but now every word spoken by him was pricking me like a thorn. I was leaving from there without answering him, he was following me. Now tears started falling from my eyes. And I started waiting for a taxi or auto outside. Seeing tears in my eyes, he held my arm and asked me to sit in the car.

He held my arm, that was enough to put out the fire inside me and I slapped him hard on his face. He was stunned, and then Lucas’s anger came out on this Lucas and I said what do you boys think of yourself, will you do whatever you want, when you feel like it you hold someone’s hand, and when you feel like it you ran away without telling anyone and he just stood there silently looking at me.

The taxi came and I sat in it and left from there. While coming I did not even see his face. After coming to my room I cried for one more hour and did not tell anything to mom and dad.

I woke up in the morning but to tell the truth, I was not regretting whatever I did last night. I felt that I had slapped that same Lucas. After a while, I started hearing sounds from the hole outside. Mom was ringing my doorbell, I opened the door. Mom says Lucas has come, get ready quickly and come down with your mom and dad, I came to know that he must have come to talk about last night.

But I was not afraid, I went downstairs, Lucas was sitting, he saw me, my mother was in the kitchen so I went to the kitchen. There was a smile on her face, she told me that Lucas and his family have agreed and want to get married soon. Now I could not understand how the boy whom I slapped yesterday, whom I unknowingly told about my ex-boyfriend, agreed to marry me.

His name was enough for me to say no, but to know this thing I told my mother that I wanted to talk to him. He then came to my room and for the first time, I felt that I saw him. He is not bad looking, if I may say so, he was handsome. Then I also came to know why it is said that a person becomes blind in anger. Without me asking him any questions he started speaking. He said I know that you have probably been cheated before and to what extent you are truthful, I also came to know this last night.

That’s why I fell in love with you last night and I want you to give me a chance to prove you wrong that not all boys are the same. After hearing this I couldn’t say no. There was one Lucas who made me lose faith in love and then there was this Lucas who was making me believe again that love exists.


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