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Best 111 Whatsapp DP Images


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The Courageous Ant And The Kind King


Many years ago, there lived a kind and wise king named Benjamin in a small town in America.

He was loved by all the people of his kingdom because he always made appropriate decisions and helped the needy.

One day, the king went for a walk in his beautiful garden, where he saw a small ant struggling to pick up a large piece of food.

“Dear ant,” said the king, “let me help you carry that heavy load.”

“But I can manage on my own,” said the ant.

The ant looked at the king and replied, “Thank you, Your Majesty. I appreciate your kind offer,

The king was impressed by the ant’s determination and said, “You are truly remarkable. How can such a small creature carry such a heavy load?” The ant smiled and said, “It is not about the size, Your Majesty, but about the strength within. I may be small, but I have a big heart and strong will.”

The king became irritated after listening to the ant’s words and asked, “Can you teach me how to be strong-willed?”

The ant agreed and started telling a story to the king:

In a faraway forest, there lived a lazy lion named Elijah.

One day, Elijah was hungry but too lazy to hunt for food.

He saw a group of animals gathered near a tree and asked them what was going on.

He always expected others to do his work for him.

“The animals explained that they were having a competition to see who could jump the highest to reach a delicious bunch of juicy mangoes hanging from a branch.”

Elijah is confident in his abilities, saying, “I am the king of the jungle, and I can easily jump the highest. I don’t need to practice.”

Without even trying, Elijah tried half-heartedly and fell flat.

The other animals laughed at him. Elijah was embarrassed and angry. Elijah blamed everyone for his failure.

Just then, a wise little squirrel named Henry appeared and said, “Elijah, you failed because you did not have a strong will.

You expected success without any effort.”

Elijah was curious and asked, “How can I develop a strong will, Henry?”

Henry replied, “You must set a goal and work towards it with determination. If you want to be the best, you have to practice and never give up, even when things get difficult.”

Elijah realized his mistake and decided to follow Henry’s advice.

He started practicing jumping higher and higher every day.

Over time Elijah became the best jumper in the jungle. He not only reached the mangoes but also shared them with all the animals, making everyone happy.

The king listened carefully to the ant’s story and learned the importance of determination and perseverance. He thanked the ant for the valuable lesson.

From that day onwards, the king became more wise and just in his rule.

He inspired his subjects to work hard and never give up, like the ant and Elijah.


Conclusion And Moral Lesson


In this moral story for children, we explore the importance of determination, perseverance and never giving up.

The story engages young readers by featuring relatable animal characters and a wise king.

The language used is simple and easy to understand, keeping in mind the age group of young children.

Through this story, children learn that success comes from within and can be achieved through hard work and strong willpower.

They also learn the importance of helping others and sharing their achievements.

Morality is subtly woven into the story, which provides an educational aspect to the story.

Additionally, the story introduces Indian culture and values through the group and characters adding a touch.


Final Word

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