Best 10+ Birthday Cake Drawing

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Best 10+ Birthday Cake Drawing


A Birthday Cake Drawing

Birthday Cake Drawing Easy

Birthday Cake Drawing For Kids

Birthday Cake Drawing Ideas

Birthday Cake Drawing Realistic

Birthday Cake Drawing Simple

Birthday Cake Drawing

Colored Birthday Cake Drawing

Cute Birthday Cake Drawing

Easy Birthday Cake Drawing With Color

Easy Birthday Cake Drawing

Happy Birthday Cake Drawing

Realistic Birthday Cake Drawing

Simple Birthday Cake Drawing


This is the story of a poor cobbler, who created magical shoes with his art. It was a matter of time. There lived a cobbler in a city. He was busy with his work from morning till evening. He had nothing to do with worldly matters. He used to earn his living in a small place on the roadside. He had mastered his work. People of the city used to come to him to make one shoe each.

Once he was busy in his work when a monk came to him with the idea of getting shoes made for himself. His clothes were torn and his condition was also not looking good. The cobbler said to the monk, “Baba, you will have to give the leather for the shoes. I don’t have it. Have you brought leather”?

The monk barked a tree to the cobbler and asked him to make shoes from it. As soon as the cobbler touched the bark of the tree, he started thinking that it was stronger than leather. He asked the monk as to which tree’s bark was this. But the monk did not respond to his words and said smilingly, “I have to leave soon.” You start your work”. Then the cobbler started his work and after a few hours of hard work, the cobbler made wonderful shoes for the monk.

The cobbler happily calls the monk to wear his shoes. Many times when the monk does not hear his voice when he calls out, he gets up from his place, comes to the road, and starts looking here and there, but there is no sign of the monk anywhere. The cobbler gets worried and wonders what he will do with these shoes now. The cobbler had not even received the money for his hard work, so he was a little angry. The cobbler thought, maybe Sanyasi Baba would come after some time. It was evening while the cobbler was sitting, but the monks did not return.

It was time for the cobbler to close his shop. Then he thinks, should I bring some vegetables he wears the same shoes which he had made for the monk, and as soon as he wears the shoes, the next moment he comes and stands in the vegetable market, where he is told to come. He was thinking in his mind.

The cobbler behaved like a madman in the middle of the market because he found it very strange how he reached here so quickly. He thinks that he should be on the roadside and the next moment he is seen standing on the roadside. Now the cobbler’s mind starts working. He starts to understand that it was the magic of the shoes because of which he was able to reach anywhere in the blink of an eye. To make this clear, he thinks of many places in his mind and reaches each place one by one within a moment.

There was no limit to his happiness as if he had achieved everything in life. Then the cobbler wishes to reach the beautiful house and by the miracle of the shoes, he reaches there in the blink of an eye. Seeing the beauty of the house he starts dancing with joy. It seems as if this house was built just for him. He picks up the newspaper kept on the dining table and starts reading.

Then he sees in the newspapers the news of a war taking place between two countries and the idea of seeing the war from close comes to his mind as per his wish, he reaches the place where there are bullets from all sides. Bombs are bursting while he is walking and as soon as he comes to the battlefield, a bullet enters his chest and Cobbler falls there and dies. Because of the shoemaker’s thoughtless decision, his life comes to an end.


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