Best 4141+ Funny Profile Pictures

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Best 4141+ Funny Profile Pictures


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Short Funny Story For Kids


Wise Son – Once upon a time a child was sitting on the bank of a river and was looking at the river very carefully. After some time the child’s father came to the child and started looking at the child. The child was still looking at the river very carefully.

The child’s father asked the child why are you looking at this river so carefully? The child said Father where does the water of this river go? The father was happy to hear this question my son has become so smart in reading and writing that he is asking such good questions.

The child once again asked where does the water of this river go? The father replied that the water of this river goes to the sea. Hearing this the child asked another question if we throw a stone or a heavy thing in this river, will it also go into the river? The father becomes even more happy to hear that my son has become very wise.

The child once again asks that if we throw a stone or a heavy thing in this river, will it also go into the river? The father replies that the flow of the river water is very fast right now, so anything thrown in it will go into the sea very quickly.

Hearing this, the son says that then we will have to go to the sea quickly. The father asks why. Then the son replies that because our house keys, your car keys, and your wallet have all fallen into the river, so by now all those things must have reached the sea, then we will have to go to the sea. Hearing this, the father shouts and says that you will always remain a fool.


Less Intelligent Servant – There was a big businessman who used to show off his wealth a lot. A servant was working in the house of a big businessman whose name was Lucas. Lucas was very simple and innocent by nature. One day the businessman called Lucas and said “Some of my old friends are coming to meet me.

So whenever I call you and say Lucas bring water then you have to say “Yes set which water hot water, cold water or normal water” and when I say “bring tea” then you have to say “Yes master which tea black tea, white tea or green tea” understand that means if I ask you to bring anything then you have to give two to three different options.”

Lucas said, “Okay master I will do as you say.”

After some time the businessman’s friends came home and everyone sat down and started talking. All the friends of the businessman started praising the businessman’s house. The businessman was very happy to see this. One of the businessman’s friends said “It has been a while since I met your father. It would have been nice if I could meet your father once.”

The businessman said, “Yes, yes, why not.” The businessman called Lucas and said, “Lucas, bring your father.” Lucas said in front of all the businessman’s friends “Yes sir, but which father should I bring, the one from New York, the one from Los Angeles, or the one from Florida?” All the friends of the businessman and the businessman himself were surprised.


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