Best 1000+ Spider Man Wallpaper

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Best 1000+ Spider Man Wallpaper


4K Spiderman Wallpaper

Aesthetic Spiderman Wallpaper

Black Spider Man Wallpaper

Black Spiderman Wallpaper iPhone

Black Spiderman Wallpaper

Cool Spiderman Wallpaper

Cute Spider Man Wallpaper iPhone

Cute Spider Man Wallpaper

Cute Spiderman Wallpaper

Full HD Mobile Spider Man Wallpaper

Full HD Spider Man Wallpaper

iPhone Spider Man Wallpaper

Red Spider Man Wallpaper

Spider Man Wallpaper 4K

Spider Man Wallpaper Aesthetic Heart

Spider Man Wallpaper Aesthetic

Spider Man Wallpaper Cute

Spider Man Wallpaper iPhone

Spider Man Wallpaper Phone

Spider Man Wallpaper

Spider Man Wallpapers

Spiderman Wallpaper 4K

Spiderman Wallpaper Aesthetic

Spiderman Wallpaper Computer

Spiderman Wallpaper Cute

Spiderman Wallpaper iPhone

Spiderman Wallpaper

Spiderman Wallpapers

Symbiote Spider Man Wallpaper

Symbiote Spiderman Wallpaper


Proud Peacock


There lived a peacock in a forest. The peacock was very proud of its beauty. One day a monkey came to the peacock and asked the peacock.

Monkey: Peacock brother, how are you? You appeared after a long time.

The peacock proudly said to the monkey

Peacock: Beware that you called me your brother, you have seen my face, how beautiful I am, and how ugly you are.

Hearing this the monkey said

Monkey: You are very proud of your beauty but don’t forget that God has created us all, that is why I was considering you as my brother. One day you will regret it, you should not be so proud of your beauty.

Peacock: Keep quiet, don’t look at my beauty, run away from here.

The monkey silently goes away from there.

A few days pass like this.

One day two hunters come to the forest. one of them says

First hunter: Look, the monkey is sitting on that tree. Let’s catch it and sell it to a juggler and get good money.

Second hunter: Hey, look at the peacock sitting on the other tree, does he know how much each of its feathers is worth? After catching it, we will sell its feathers and then kill the peacock cook its meat and eat it.

Hearing this, the peacock starts crying.

The hunters leave the monkey and rush towards the peacock when the monkey attacks both of them. He first cuts off the hunter’s ears. He somehow frees himself and runs away from there. After that, he bites the leg of another hunter who also runs away from there. After they leave, the peacock comes to the monkey.

Peacock: Monkey brother, forgive me, I insulted you out of pride. The beauty I was boasting about. She was going to be the cause of my death today.

Monkey: Peacock brother, we are all children of God, we should live together.

After this, there is a strong friendship between the monkey and the peacock.


Stork Story


There was a village on the edge of a forest. There lived a boy named Spider Man. Spider Man had no friends, hence, he spent most of his time alone while wandering in the hilly areas. One day Spider Man was wandering near a hill and suddenly he saw a small baby stork. As soon as he saw her, Spider Man reached him. The crane was injured.

Spider Man brought him to his home and started treating him. Gradually the friendship between Stork and Spider Man started deepening. Wherever Spider Man went, the stork would follow him. Spider Man had found a good friend in the form of a stork, but their friendship could not last long. Actually, stork is an extinct species of bird. As soon as the administration came to know that an extinct species of bird was living in Spider Man’s house, they confiscated the stork and sent it to the zoo.

As soon as he got separated from the crane, Spider Man started feeling sad and here, due to the worsening condition of the crane during the separation from Spider Man, the administration started getting worried. Even the greatest doctor was not able to cure the stork. He could not understand the reason for the stork’s illness. Under compulsion, the staff of the creature museum call Spider Man. As soon as the crane sees Spider-Man, it starts jumping in its cage. The stork had not eaten anything for a long time, but he starts eating from the hands of Spider Man.

The officials of the zoo, seeing the stork’s love for Spider-Man, understood that this bird has become completely dependent on Spider-Man and it cannot live without him, hence, the administration has to return the stork to him and Additionally, Spider Man’s monthly expenses for taking care of the crane are also paid from the government treasury. Spider Man finds his friend and as their friendship blossoms again, the story ends.


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