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Diamond Price


Once upon a time, there was a school. Many children studied there. The school teachers used to inform all the children about moral values along with education.

Three became close friends in the same school. Kaws, James and William. The friendship between the three was very deep. The stories of their friendship were famous throughout the school. Guru ji was also very impressed by his friendship.

All three lived together and studied together. Used to eat food together. A prince also studied in the same school.

The prince lived in his pride. He considered all three of them very inferior.

Once Acharya ji called all the students and took everyone near a small mountain. After that he said – “Any student who climbs to the top will get a reward.”

First of all the prince said – “Teacher, it is our right to be the first, we will climb first.”

The prince started climbing. After climbing some distance he slipped and came down. Seeing this everyone started laughing.

The prince got very angry but he could not say anything in front of the teacher.

After that, all the students tried one by one, but whoever tried to climb would slip and come down. The turn of those three friends came last.

All three consulted among themselves – “Look at Kaws, James has a good grip. He can climb. If all three of us try, no one will be able to climb. We do one thing, I and Kaws will support from below, first you sit on my shoulder, then James will sit on your shoulder, this way he will reach half the distance. There is not much slippage above. He will climb easily. If not all three of us, at least one will get the reward.”

Hearing this, James said – “Okay brother, whatever reward I get, I will share it with both of you.”

Kaws and William provided support and James somehow managed to reach the top. After some time all three came back to the teacher. The teachers were very happy to see their unity.

The teacher gave a silver box and asked the son to open it when he is in trouble.

All three returned to school with the silver box.

But now the problem was how to distribute that silver box?

He hid the box at a place. After that Kaws said – “Whoever among the three of us is in trouble will open this box and take a look.”

A few days passed like this. One day all three were going to the forest with other students of their school. He kept the silver box in his pocket.

Then the bandits surrounded them from all sides. All the students got very scared.

The robbers wanted to take him captive. Then his eyes fell on the prince. They caught the prince. So that they can loot huge amount of gold and silver from the king.

Left out everything else. The prince was crying badly. No one was coming to help him. When they started taking the prince. Then Kaws threw the silver box towards them. There was a diamond in a silver box. The bandits’ intentions were spoiled after seeing the diamond. They started killing each other to get that big diamond.

Taking the opportunity, the prince ran away and joined his remaining companions. They all ran and reached school. On the other hand, all the robbers died in pursuit of diamonds.

The prince apologized to Kaws, James and William. After that he told the whole thing to his father the king. The king honored all three by calling him to his palace.

When he came back to his school, he asked his teacher – “Teacher, why did you give us such a precious diamond?”

Hearing this, the teacher started laughing and said – “Son, it was just a piece of glass.” Which looked exactly like a diamond. It had no value.

But he is also precious because he saved all your lives and destroyed your enemy forever.

If you had opened the silver box at that very moment and seen it, you would have become enemies among yourselves to get it. That’s why I refused. In times of trouble, you loved your life more than diamonds. That’s why your life was saved. That day when I was carrying you up the mountain. Then in a show of unity you helped your partner up.

All the students were very happy with this teaching of the teacher.


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