Best 6666+ Radha Krishna Holi Images

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Best 6666+ Radha Krishna Holi Images


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Festival Romantic Radha Krishna Holi Images

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Radha Krishna Happy Holi Image

Radha Krishna Happy Holi Images

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Radha Krishna Happy Holi Pic

Radha Krishna Happy Holi Picture

Radha Krishna Happy Holi

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Radha Krishna Holi Images Star Bharat

Radha Krishna Holi Images

Radha Krishna Holi Photo

Radha Krishna Holi Pic

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Radha Krishna Holi

Romantic Radha Krishna Happy Holi

Romantic Radha Krishna Holi Images

True Love Radha Krishna Holi Quotes In Hindi


Story Of Holi And Radha-Krishna’s Relationship


Story Of Radha-Krishna’s Relationship: As soon as the name of Holi comes to mind, the image that comes to mind colors, Gujhiya, dishes, fun, and frolic. In our country, the festival of Holi is celebrated in different ways at different places. Drenched in colors, on this day people forget all their grudges and hug each other. This day is known as the victory of good over evil. At the same time, it is also called the festival of love.

The story of Radha-Krishna’s relationship has been heard and narrated for centuries. The names of both are always taken together – Radhe Krishna. Whenever it comes to love, the example given is the love of Lord Krishna and Radha Rani. There is an unbreakable relationship between the festival of Holi and Radha-Krishna. Know the story of Holi and the relationship between Radha and Krishna.


Story Of Holi And Radha-Krishna’s Relationship


The exploits of Shri Krishna are famous all over the world. Be it from his childhood, youth, or the time of Mahabharata. Similarly popular is the story of Holi and the relationship between Radha-Krishna and Holi of Radha Krishna. This story of Shri Krishna-Radha and Holi is very interesting and unique.


Putna Slaughter


We already know that Shri Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu took this incarnation to kill the evil Kansa. Kansa was the maternal uncle of Shri Krishna. Kansa had learned from an oracle that he would be killed at the hands of Devaki’s children. Kansa killed the six children of his sister Devaki. Shri Krishna was the eighth child of Devaki and Vasudev. After the birth of Shri Krishna, Vasudev saved him from Kansa and left him with his friend Nand. Nand and Yashoda brought up Krishna like their own son. Kansa came to know that the person who killed him was growing up in Nand’s village.

Kansa made several attempts to kill Shri Krishna. He once sent a demon named Putana. So that she could kill Shri Krishna by making him drink poison from her breast. Shri Krishna drank the milk of Putna but due to the effect of that poison, his complexion turned black. Later Shri Krishna killed Putana. After death, Putna’s body disappeared from there. So the people there made an effigy of Putna and burnt it.


This Is How Holi Started


Both Shri Krishna and Radha loved each other. The story of Radha-Krishna’s relationship is as popular today as it was before. Radha used to tease Shri Krishna because of his dark complexion. When Shri Krishna got irritated and asked Yashoda, “Why is Radha fair and I am black?” Seeing Krishna sad, he asked Radha to paint him in his colors. Yashoda advised him to apply the color of his choice on Radha’s face.

Hearing this, Shri Krishna became happy. He immediately went and started painting Radha and other Gopis. It is believed that those days were beautiful days of the month of Phagun. This tradition started after this. That is why even today Holi of Mathura, Vrindavan, Gokul, Braj, and Barsana is famous all over the world.


Holi Of Shri Krishna-Radha


According to mythology, Shri Krishna was the first to play Holi with Radha ji. After which this tradition started. Holi is played in the same way even today in places associated with the life of Shri Krishna like Mathura, Vrindavan, Barsana, and Braj. This is the Holi of love, just like Shri Krishna used to play. Holi of Braj is drenched with the love of Radha-Krishna.

Lathmar Holi is played in Braj. In which people take the form of Radha-Krishna and dance and play Holi. Radha Krishna Raas Leela is enacted. In this, women hit men with sticks and men have to avoid their attacks. On this day the men of Nandgaon go to Barsana, the birthplace of Radha ji, to play Holi. The flower Holi of Barsana is famous. People also come from abroad to see the Holi of Barsana.

Along with Mathura, the Holi of Vrindavan is also unique. Holi of flowers is played here also. Coloring each other and playing Holi during the spring season is considered to be the Leela of Shri Krishna. People sing songs, and fugues and dance in the costumes of Radha-Krishna. Flowers are used instead of colors on each other. The joy of such Holi is different. The atmosphere becomes devotional and joyful. Along with this, the fragrance of flowers doubles the pleasure.


Holi Of Love


The relationship between Shri Krishna and Radha was not normal, their love was pure and unique. Still, both of them did not get married. Shri Krishna was married to Rukmini while Radha was married to a cowherd. Often this question comes to mind as to why Shri Krishna never married Radha. Once Radha ji asked Shri Krishna why he did not want to marry her. So Shri Krishna replied that both of them are not different but the same. Radha ji is his soul and without her, even Shri Krishna has no existence. For this reason, he cannot marry her.

The love of Shri Krishna and Radha is not an ordinary love but a devotional love. The love of Shri Krishna and Radha is proof of the union of the soul with God. Shri Krishna and Radha were never married, but their love is supreme. His Holi is also devotional. The color used in this is also the color of devotion, faith, and love. The Holi that is burnt on this day is the Holi of ego, jealousy, anger, and every vice. Only after burning it, every wish of a person is fulfilled. Along with this one gets the blessings of Shri Krishna and Radha ji.


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