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Adopt These 7 Ways To Make Your First Wedding Anniversary Memorable


For couples, their first wedding anniversary is very special. In such a situation, to make this special occasion more special, partners plan surprises for each other. But after marriage, new responsibilities and work pressure confuse the person so much that he is not able to celebrate his anniversary properly. In such a situation, today’s article is on this topic. Today we will tell you through this article how you can make your first anniversary after marriage special.

1. Watch A Good Movie Together – Watching a movie together is also a good option. Often a married couple is not able to give full time to each other. In such a situation, husband and wife can plan a good movie on this special occasion. If they want, they can watch a good or each other’s favorite movie on laptop or TV in their room at home and make their anniversary very special.

2. Write A Letter For Your Spouse – If your partner is very romantic then you can write a lovely letter to your partner. If you are fond of poetry, then you can make this moment more pleasant by presenting a lovely poem or a poem on the anniversary. By doing this, your partner will not only be happy but your anniversary will also become very special.

3. Make A Lovely Gift With Your Own Hands – To make the moment memorable, you can give a nice gift to your partner. A gift bought from outside cannot express as much feeling as a handmade gift does. In such a situation, you can give a lovely handmade gift to your partner on your anniversary. If you want, you can prepare a cute frame from a greeting card or ice cream stick and put each other’s photo in it.

4. Record A Nice Message For Your Spouse – To make your spouse feel special and to make your anniversary special, you can record a small message on your photo and send it to them at 12:00 in the night. This will also be no less than a new experience for them. You can tell in the message how special her partner is to her and how happy she is with this marriage.

5. Plan A Romantic Dinner – It is common to go to office in the morning and have dinner together after coming home in the evening. But if you want, you can plan a romantic dinner for your life partner on the balcony or terrace. In it, using red and white balloons and playing a lovely music, prepare food of your life partner’s choice and serve it with love. By doing this you can also make your anniversary very special and romantic.

6. Cook Food Together – Cooking food together not only makes food faster but also increases love doubly. But it is impossible to do this in everyday busy lifestyle. In such a situation, the anniversary day is very special and important. If you want, you can cook food together with your life partner to make this day special. By doing this, your life partner will feel lucky that you will be able to celebrate your anniversary well.

7. Remember Old Memories – It is not known how the meeting before marriage and the moments after marriage pass. In such a situation, there is no chance to remember those verses. If you want, you can sit with your life partner on the anniversary day and remember those moments and refresh them. Doing this will also make the anniversary special and unique.


Happy Anniversary Wishes


May your couple stay safe.
May immense love flow in your life,
May you celebrate every day with joy,
Happy anniversary to you.


Like flowers, they look most beautiful in the garden,
That’s how you two look together,
Many best wishes for your wedding anniversary.


Marriage is a knot of trust, may this sixty knot keep growing,
No one can get this love of yours,
Happy wedding anniversary to you.


Eat, drink, be happy, the wedding anniversary has come, how beautifully you both have created your beautiful world.
Happy Anniversary


Happy new life to you,
May your life be filled with happiness,
May the shadow of sorrow never fall upon you,
It is our prayer that you always smile like this.
happy anniversary


May the bond between you two never break,
May you never get angry with each other,
May you spend this life united like this,
May you both not miss even a single moment of happiness.
Many best wishes for your wedding anniversary.


you both are our dear ones
Who fill colors in happiness.
may your couple stay safe
We just pray to God for this.
Happy anniversary


You will always be with me in the journey of life,
May God fill you with colors of happiness every moment,
Smile no matter what the moment,
May tomorrow bring happiness.
Happy Anniversary


May this bond of trust continue like this,
May the ocean of love keep flowing in your life,
I pray to God that your life be filled with happiness and prosperity.
Best wishes to you on your wedding anniversary.


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