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Bedtime Stories For Kids


1. Happy Elephant – There lived an elephant in a forest, which was big and heavy. He was very tall and had no fear of other animals. The elephant was considered the most powerful animal in the forest and its power was proved by its large size.

The elephant had a small baby elephant. She was also expected to grow up, but she was still much smaller. The elephant started roaming in the forest taking him along.

Both of them were happy. Other animals in the forest got scared after seeing them. The elephant and her baby were bigger than all the animals in the jungle and they felt that they were the kings of the jungle.

One day, the elephant while roaming in the forest got stuck in a ditch. The elephant tried hard but was unable to escape from it. He started calling out, but no one was helping him.

Then the little girl elephant called for help. She ran away to tell her mother. The baby elephant kept walking ahead and kept looking at it.

The elephant saw that his daughter had come to help him with great enthusiasm. With his help, he got out of the ground.

The elephant was very happy with the courage and wisdom of his daughter. He began to teach her the importance of using her strengths to help others.

The elephant had learned a big lesson from this incident. He understood that we should never live alone in life. We should help others and ask for their cooperation. This was a great lesson for him that the greatest strength lies in our unity and cooperation.


2. The Golden Touch of Midas – Once upon a time, there was a Greek king, Midas. He was very rich and had a lot of gold. He had a daughter, whom he loved very much.

One day, Midas found an angel to help him. He helped her and in return, she agreed to grant one wish.

Midas wished that everything he touched would turn into gold. His wish was fulfilled. On his way home he touched rocks and plants and they turned into gold.

As soon as he reached home, in excitement he hugged his daughter, who had turned to gold. Midas was devastated and had learned his lesson.

After learning his lesson, Midas asks the angel to grant him his wish.


3. The Boy Who Cried Wolf – Once upon a time, there was a boy who was bored of looking at the village sheep grazing on the hill. To entertain himself, he sang, “Wolf! wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!”

When the villagers heard the scream, they ran to the hill to drive away the wolf. But, when they arrived they did not see any wolf.

The boy became happy after seeing their angry faces.

Don’t yell wolf, boy,” warned the villagers, “when there is no wolf!” They angrily walked back down the hill.

Later, the shepherd boy once again shouted, Wolf! wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!

To his amusement, he saw the villagers running up the hill to scare away the wolf.

As he saw that there was no wolf, he said sternly, give up your fearful screams, when in fact there is a wolf!

Don’t cry wolf when there’s no wolf! But as they were descending the hill once again the boy smiled at their words.

Later, the boy witnesses a real wolf sneaking around his flock.

Frightened, he jumped to his feet and shouted as loudly as he could,

wolf! wolf! But the villagers thought he was fooling them again, and so they did not come to help.

At sunset, the villagers went out in search of the boy who had not returned with his sheep. When they climbed the hill, they found her crying.

There was a wolf here! The herd is gone! I shouted, ‘Wolf!’ But you did not come, he cried.

An old man went to console the boy. As he put his arm around her he said, No one believes a lie, even if he is telling the truth!


4. Painting Of The King – There was a king who had only one leg and one eye but he was generous and capable as a ruler.

One day, while strolling in his palace, the king’s eyes fell on the paintings of his ancestors on the side of the corridor. He also wanted his portrait to be painted by an artist but was unsure how this would turn out due to his physical abnormalities.

The king invited all the painters from the entire kingdom and asked who could paint a beautiful portrait of him. The painters were confused about how to create a beautiful portrait of the king with only one leg and one eye.

All the painters politely refused to paint the king. Then a young painter came forward and made sure to paint a beautiful portrait of the king.

A few days later, the young painter unveiled the painting at the court, showing the king sitting on a horse, one leg visible, holding his bow, and aiming an arrow with one eye closed.

There was no sign of physical deficiencies in the king in the painting. The king was pleased to see that the painter had creatively presented the king’s positive characteristics but did not highlight the abnormalities.


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