Best 555+ Goku Wallpaper, 4K, 8K, 16K, HD, Phone, iPhone, Mobile

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Best 555+ Goku Wallpaper, 4K, 8K, 16K, HD, Phone, iPhone, Mobile


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Goku Wallpaper 4K

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Goku Wallpaper Phone

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Goku’s Superpowers And Abilities


As a Saiyan, Goku possesses all the powers inherent to his race. He is superhumanly strong and durable and has enhanced speed and reflexes. He can undergo Saiyan transformations that greatly increase his power, the first by 50, the second by 100, and the third transformation increases Goku’s power 4 times that of Super Saiyan 2 giving him a multiplier of 400, and the anime-only transformation Super Saiyan 4 multiplies his power by an unknown amount, but it is greater than Super Saiyan 3’s multiplier.

Goku is known to have held every possible advanced Saiyan form, unlike Vegeta and Gohan who were only able to reach Super Saiyan 2. However, it is speculated that since Gotenks reached Super Saiyan 3, both Goten and Trunks have also achieved this form, but they cannot withstand the strain of this form due to being much smaller. Goku can generate energy blasts from internal energy called ki, most notably in the form of a Kamehameha wave.

He can teleport anywhere instantly through Instant Transmission. He is capable of unassisted flight and was able to perform aided flight through the use of a small flying cloud called the Flying Nimbus, only those of pure heart can ride the cloud. He can transform into a Great Ape when he is looking at the moon and has a tail. However, Goku lost his tail in Dragon Ball.

Whenever Goku regenerates from a serious injury or intense battle, he becomes more powerful. Goku is incredibly powerful. Goku can withstand planet-destroying ki blasts as seen when he fought Frieza. In Dragonball Z, we also see Trunks withstand Mecha Frieza’s Supernova attack as a Super Saiyan, picking him up with one hand and throwing him, so we can assume Goku is just as capable since he is more powerful than Trunks.

Goku can lift/carry at least 160 tons without transforming, though the limit may be higher. Goku has also been seen training with 10 tons on each arm and leg in his Super Saiyan form, kicking and punching at super speed.

Since he was in the “afterworld” training with King Kai at the time, he was also subjected to 10x Earth gravity, making the effective training load equivalent to 100 tons on each arm and leg, totaling 400 tons. Without using his chi-boosting ability, Goku can lift/press over 200 tons with minimal effort. In his Super Saiyan 1 form, he is capable of lifting/pressing at least 10,000 tons.

At the end of Dragon Ball GT, Goku achieves Ultimate Super Saiyan from Super Saiyan 4 and can lift over 1,600,000 tons, and the upper limit of his strength potential is unknown. Goku can also create ki energy-based constructs in addition to being able to manipulate ki to create destructive ki blasts.

Goku is shown creating significant energy-based constructs when fighting Beerus in Dragon Ball Super. Later in that fight Goku and Beerus absorbed ki from his construct and continued to clash.

Goku appears as the protagonist in several anime adaptations of the original manga in both Japanese and English. Notable appearances are Dragonball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Doctor Slump, and Dragon Ball Z: Abridged. He has been voiced by several different actors such as Masako Nozawa, Kirby Morrow, Sean Schemmel, and Lawrence Simpson.

Goku appears as the protagonist in several live-action and animated film adaptations of the manga and anime. He has also appeared in several television and direct-to-video films. He has been portrayed by actors such as Masako Nozawa, Justin Chatwin, and Lawrence Simpson.

Goku appears as a playable character in over eighty Dragon Ball-related video games released by well-known developers such as Tamashii Nations and Bandai Studios.


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