Best 25+ Good Morning Pictures For Her

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Best 25+ Good Morning Pictures For Her


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Dream School Story


School of Dreams: There lived a boy named Bheem in a small village who had a wonderful imagination. There were many hopes and dreams hidden in her little eyes. He looked at the stars every night and wondered if these stars could fulfill his dreams. He had heard from his mother that the stars fulfill our wishes. Looking at those stars, he used to reach a new imaginary world where no one is sad, everything is there, where everything is beautiful, everyone can play, roam and have a lot of fun.

One day, Bhima called all his friends together and told them about his dreams. Together they decided to do something big.

Bhima wondered how they could create a new world by taking their imaginations together. He decided to apply his education and experience to this scheme. In which everything will be related to the future.

He started a small school in the village, where children were given education along with happiness, prosperity, and science. By changing his thinking, he made the environment there happy and cooperative in a new way.

Bhima’s specialty was that he gave importance to the imagination of every child. He encouraged the children to fulfill their dreams. And all the children were given a chance to realize their dreams so that every child can make himself capable of doing something good.

Time passed and the name of Bhima’s school gradually grew bigger. He named it “Dream School”. Here children found a place to make their dreams come true. Everything in that school was like a dream, the children could create anything that filled their imagination.

That school is full of new futuristic technology like rockets, flying cars, chocolate houses, robot toys and much more. One day, Bhima thought that he could further promote his dreams. He built a big park near the school, where children played and thought.

Children took their imaginations to new heights. One day he thought how he could make the village better. He launched a cleanliness drive and encouraged people to grow trees and plants.

With time, beauty started increasing everywhere in the village. The people here started living together in the spirit of prosperity and partnership. Now it had truly become a world where people were very happy, that future with technological development nature was also taken care of

Bheem and his companions showed the children that with a little thinking and working together, any work is possible. He used his imagination and art to transform the village by opening a dream school.

Similarly, Bheem and his friends together laid the foundation of a new futuristic world. He taught that the real way to fulfill dreams is the one who uses his thinking and art in the right way.

Bheem and his friends show that it is possible to create a better future by combining dreams and experiences. He taught that by using thinking and art properly, everyone can bring about a positive change. This story inspires every child to take their imagination to new heights.


Magic Garden Story


It is a story of a magical garden, which takes children to an environment full of unique trees and plants and magic. Here there is a wonderful opportunity to enhance their creativity and imagination.

There was a beautiful place in a village, which people called Magic Garden. The trees and plants here were completely unique. Every tree in this garden was created with the special magic of magicians. Therefore, the village children called this place the Garden of Magicians.

There was a child named Chiku in the village. He was very enthusiastic and creative. He was thrilled to hear about magicians. Chiku used to go to the Magic Garden every day with his friends and see new trees and plants.

One day, when Chiku was roaming in the Magic Garden, he saw a special tree. That tree is a talking tree. Who could talk in human language. When Chiku greeted the tree, the tree greeted him back. He had not thought that trees could also speak like humans, Chiku was very surprised.

The tree tells Chiku that he only sees children who truly believe in the world of wizards. Chiku asked the tree, “Can I go to the world of magicians?” The tree laughed and said, “Yes, you can go, you just have to believe with your heart.” Only faith can take you to that world.

Chiku immediately believed in the world of magicians in his heart. And he rose from the ground and went to a new world. When he arrived, there was another beautiful garden. Chiku saw all the beautiful things in that garden there. The flowers and plants there were very exciting and wonderful.

Chiku talked to those plants and started loving them. The trees there also started talking to Chiku. Chiku learned that this garden was created by the magic of the same magician who used to make the children ignore it. Because the world of magic is not for everyone, it just depends on belief.

When Chiku came back to his village, he told his friends about the magicians. Together they went to the Magic Garden and enjoyed the world full of magic there. Everyone was very happy to come to that magic world, they had never seen such a world before, everything here was magical.

Then by evening they all returned to their respective homes and this sequence continued every day. All of them would go to that magic garden every day and play and return home. There they not only play but also study and do creativity so that in future they can create such a magic garden for everyone.

From this story we learn that our creativity and imagination can take us to any unseen world. We just hope and believe from our heart. Be it the world of magicians or our own world. We can do anything with our hard work, that is why we should study diligently along with sports.

Such exciting stories fill our souls with new energy and confidence. And it reminds us that there is magic in every little thing, we just have to look for it.


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