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Best 15+ Cat Pictures, Images, Photos, Pics, Wallpaper


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Cute Cat Pictures

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Cat Stories


Story 1: Two Cats And A Monkey


The two cats had a good friendship with each other. They used to play with each other all day, talk a lot and also search for food.

One day both of them went out in search of food. After wandering here and there for a long time, his eyes fell on a loaf of bread lying on the road. A cat quickly picked up the bread and started putting it in its mouth.

Then the other cat interrupted him and said, “Hey, how come you are eating this bread alone? We both saw this roti together. Therefore, we should eat it by sharing.”

The first cat broke the bread and gave it to the second cat, but the piece was small. Seeing this she felt bad and said, “Hey, this piece is small. You should have cut it into pieces the size of bread. You are being dishonest with me.”

Both of them started arguing on this matter. The argument escalated so much that both started fighting. At the same time a monkey passed by there. Seeing them fighting he asked the reason. The cats told him everything.

After knowing the whole thing, the monkey said, “Hey, both of you are fighting over such a small thing. I have a scale. If both of you want, I can distribute this bread equally among both of you.”

The cats are ready. The monkey came with a scale. He took bread from the cats, broke it, placed it on both the scales and started weighing. The hungry cats started looking at him with hopeful eyes.

Of the pieces of bread kept on the scale of the scale, one piece was big and the other piece was small, due to which the scale tilted to one side. Then the monkey said, “Hey, one piece is bigger than the other. Let me make it even.” He broke a big piece of bread a little and put it in his mouth.

Now the second piece became bigger than the first. Now the monkey broke it a little and put it in his mouth. Then the same sequence continued. If the piece of bread was bigger, the monkey would break it and eat it to make it equal.

By doing this, very small pieces of bread remained. Now the cats got scared. He started feeling that in such a situation nothing would come to him. She said, “Monkey brother, why are you too worried? Bring it, now we will divide it among ourselves.”

The monkey said, “Okay.” But the hard work I have done till now will definitely be rewarded. That’s why these pieces of bread are mine.” And he put the remaining pieces of bread in his mouth and kept walking.

The cats kept looking at him. He had realized his mistake. She understood that the monkey had fooled her by taking advantage of their mutual discord. At that very moment they decided that they would never fight again and would live in love.

Lesson – Live together. Otherwise, someone else will take advantage of the mutual discord.


Story 2: Cat’s Bell


There was a very big house in a city. Rats had camped in that house. Whenever they got a chance, they would come out of their holes and sometimes clean their hands on food items, sometimes they would gnaw on other things in the house. His life was going on very happily.

Here the landlord was fed up of rats. So he brought a big cat. Now that cat started living in the same house. With the arrival of the cat the life of the rats became miserable. Whichever mouse came out of the hole, she would lick it.

It became difficult for rats to get out of their holes. They started living in an atmosphere of terror. The cat had become a big problem for them. One day a meeting of rats was called to find a solution to the problem.

All the rats were present in the meeting. The mouse, who was presiding over the meeting, addressed everyone and said, “Friends, you all know that we are facing a big problem in the form of a cat. Every day she kills one or the other of our companions and eats them. It has become difficult to get rid of the bills. But how long will we remain hiding in the bill like this? To arrange food we will have to come out of the bill. This meeting has been organized so that a solution to this problem can be found. Your suggestions are invited. You can give your suggestions one by one.”

One by one, all the rats gave suggestions according to their own thinking on this problem. But not everyone agreed on any solution.

Then finally a mouse got up and chirping said, “A very good idea has just come to my mind. Why don’t we tie a bell around the cat’s neck? In this way, whenever the cat is nearby, we will know by the sound of the bell and we will run away from there. Tell me how did you like the solution?”

All the rats liked this solution very much. They started dancing and dancing in joy, as if their problem had come to an end.

Then an old and experienced mouse stood up and said, “Fools, stop dancing and singing and tell me who will tie the bell around the cat’s neck?”

It was to be heard that the rats had stopped dancing and singing. To tie a bell around a cat’s neck was to risk one’s life. No one was ready for this. There was peace in the meeting. Then, breaking the peace, the sound of cat’s footsteps reached everyone’s ears and then what? Everyone ran towards their respective holes with their feet on their heads.

Lesson – There is no point in making a plan if it cannot be implemented.


Story 3: Cat And Dog


Its just matter of one day. A cat was going somewhere. Then suddenly a huge and terrible dog appeared in front of him. The cat got scared after seeing the dog. Dogs and cats are enemies by birth. The cat sensed the danger to its life and started running there, risking its life. But in agility she was inferior to a dog. Within a short time the dog caught him.

The cat was in danger of dying. Death was in front of it. Seeing no other option, she started pleading in front of the dog. But his pleading had no effect on the dog. He was ready to kill him. Then suddenly the cat made a proposal to the dog, “If you spare my life, then from tomorrow onwards you will no longer need to go anywhere in search of food. I will take up this responsibility. I will bring food for you every day. If there is anything left after you eat, give it to me. I will fill my stomach with that.”

This proposal of providing food to the dog every day without any hard work was established. He accepted it gladly. But he also warned the cat that if he cheated, the consequences would be dire. The cat swore that he would keep his promise under any circumstances.

The dog became convinced. From that day onwards he started living on the food brought by the cat. He no longer needed to go anywhere in search of food. He would lie down in his tent the whole day and wait for the cat. The cat also brought him food on time every day. A month passed like this. The dog did not go anywhere for a month. He just remained lying at one place. By lying in one place and not moving around, he became very fat and heavy.

One day the dog was looking for the cat as usual. He was very hungry. But the cat was refusing to come. When the cat did not come even after waiting for a long time, the dog became impatient and set out to search for the cat.

He had reached some distance when his eyes fell on the cat. She is cleaning her hands on a mouse with great pleasure. The dog became angry and growled and said to the cat, “Treacherous cat, you have broken your promise. Now fear for your life.”

Saying this he rushed towards the cat. The cat had already become alert. She immediately ran away from there to save her life. The dog also ran after him. But this time the cat turned out to be more agile than the dog. The dog had become so fat and heavy that he could not chase the cat for long and sat down tired. Here the cat ran away with agility and disappeared from his sight.

Lesson – Dependence on others does not last long. It makes us lazy and weak. If you want to be successful in life, then be self-reliant.


Story 4: Lion, Rat And Cat


It occurred a long time ago. A strong lion named Durdant lived in a cave of a mountain named Arbudshikhar. Every day he went to the forest for hunting and used to come back to the cave and rest. One day a rat came into that cave from somewhere and started living in a hole.

Whenever the lion was resting, the rat would come out of the hole and gnaw on the lion’s hair. After waking up, when the lion saw his gnawed hair, he would become furious with anger. Despite being strong, he had no control over a small creature like a rat. Whenever he tried to catch it, it would deftly enter its hole and the lion would keep grinding his teeth in anger.

One day the lion thought that there was no point in wasting his energy on this small creature. To destroy it, its ultimate enemy should be brought and he went to the village and brought a cat by coaxing it.

Every day the lion would bring fresh meat for the cat and feed it lovingly. In return the cat would keep vigil during the rest of the lion. In the presence of a cat, the mouse would remain in the hole out of fear. Now Singh started sleeping peacefully. The cat started getting healthy and strong by getting fresh meat every day.

Here the mouse had become increasingly weak after entering the hole. The lion’s hair was its food. After all, how long would he remain in the hole hungry and thirsty? One day, being distraught, he came out of his hole.

The lion was resting at that time and the cat was sitting nearby and eating meat. The mouse tried to trick the cat and reach the lion, but the cat was agile. She deftly caught the rat in her paws, killed it and ate it.

The cat was happy that he had put an end to his master’s worries forever. He believed that the happy lion would definitely bring him more delicious meat.

When the lion woke up, the cat told him about killing the mouse. The cause of Singh’s trouble had ended. He was very happy. But now the cat was of no use to him. He stopped giving him food. The cat started becoming weak without food. He realized that by killing the rat he had exhausted its usefulness. That’s why Leo has started ignoring her. Ultimately she left the cave.

Learning: Inquiry ends once the purpose is accomplished. Therefore maintain your utility.


Story 5: The Rabbit, The Pheasant And The Sly Cat


A pheasant named Kapinjal lived in the hollow of a tall tree in a remote forest. He was living a happy life there for many years.

One day, in search of food, he left his cave and reached a lush green field. Seeing the green shoots there, his mind was tempted and he decided to stay in the same field for a few days. After filling his stomach with branches every day, he started sleeping there.

Within a few days, Kapinjal became fat and healthy after eating the green shoots of the field. But a strange place remains a strange place. He started remembering his lair. Making up his mind to return, he started towards his lair.

After reaching the cave, he found a rabbit living there. One day in Kapinjal’s absence, a rabbit named ‘Sheegrako’ came to that tree and seeing the empty cavity, started living there happily.

Kapinjal became angry after seeing Shyadko occupying his cave. Driving him away he said, “Thief, what are you doing in my lair? Why did I go out for a few days, you made it your residence. Now I am back. Let’s run away from here.”

But Sudhako did not budge and said boldly, “Your lair? Which one? Now I live here. This is my residence. After leaving it you have lost your rights over it. That’s why you run away from here.”

Kapinjal thought for a while. He saw no point in escalating the dispute hastily. He said, “We should go to a mediator to resolve this dispute. Otherwise it will keep increasing without any result. Whatever decision the arbitrator gives after hearing both of our sides, we will accept it.”

Soon, Kapinjal’s words seemed appropriate and both of them set out in search of a mediator.

While this conversation was going on between Kapinjal and Shraddhako, at the same time a wild cat was passing by. He listened to both of them and thought why not take advantage of the situation and become a mediator between them. As soon as I get a chance, I will kill and eat them.

She immediately sat down with a rosary on the bank of a nearby river and, facing the sun, closed her eyes and pretended to be reciting religious scriptures.

While searching for the mediator, Kapinjal and Shraddha reached the river bank. Seeing the cat praying, he thought that it must be a religious leader. It seemed appropriate for him to consult him for justice.

He stood at some distance and told the cat his problem and started pleading, “Guruvar, please settle our dispute. We believe that the decision of a religious leader like you will be in favor of religion. Therefore, your decision is acceptable to us in every situation. “Whoever’s side among us is against religion, he will be ready to become your food.”

Hearing the persuasion, the hypocritical cat who became a religious leader opened her eyes and said, “Ram Ram! What kind of things do you talk about? I have abandoned the path of violence and adopted the path of religion. Therefore I will not commit violence. But I will definitely help you by resolving your dispute. I have grown old and my hearing power has diminished. So come near me and tell me your side.”

Kapinjal and Sudhako believed the hypocritical cat’s smooth words and went near him to tell their side. As soon as it came near, the hypocritical cat caught hold of Shyadko in its paws and pressed Kapinjal in its mouth. Within a short time, after cleaning both of them, the hypocritical cat started walking away from there.

Lesson – You should never blindly trust your enemy. The result can be fatal.


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